Breaking in – Competition & Pleasure Horses

Breaking-in & Starting Horses

Breaking in Horses for all disciplines and activities.

Horses at DPR are genuinely cared for and treated at the highest standard; we strive to ensure each horse will benefit from their time here in every way.
During their time with us, your horse will be educated in the following areas:

  • Lead & Lunge
  • Walk, Trot and Canter under saddle – on the correct leads
  • Riding in the round yard, open paddocks and trails
  • Responding to Rein and Leg cues
  • Controlling the movement of your horses head and neck, hips, shoulders and ribs under saddle
  • Desensitizing to sound, touch and sight
  • Close groundwork – Getting the horse used to the rider, the bridle and saddle.
  • Education on the Bridle – Moving your horse forward, backwards and to each side
  • Washing & Hosing – All horses will be Hosed after working and shampooed regularly
  • Farrier Handling
  • Float/Truck Loading

Horses normally take between 4-6 weeks to be broken-in/started. All horses are schooled in hand and under saddle.

At Coolamon Park, safety is vital; your horse will have its own stable or post and rail paddock wamigo1ith shelter. The team at DPR are meticulous in managing the condition of horses in their care and go to great lengths to return horses with good muscle tone, top line and excellent overall condition, this is why we regularly consult with a Horse nutritionist and only use premium quality produce. Every horse will be fed twice daily, rugged to suit weather conditions, and washed/groomed daily.

The team are always happy to accommodate owners that would like watch their horses training sessions and monitor their progress.

We encourage owners to take part in a free lesson that demonstrates what the Horse has learnt during his/her stay and give you some tips for working with your horse in the future. We cater for all types and disciplines, whether its matured warmbloods bred for dressage, or young thoroughbreds aimed for the racetrack.