Breaking In

Here at DPR breaking we take a lot of pride in our Racehorse breaking and how well the horse’s work. We ensure the best education and the best of care for horses on our property. By choosing DPR Breaking your horse will experience:

Close ground work – Getting the horse used to the rider, the bridle and saddle.
Handling of the legs and feet- We make sure that your horse has plenty of work on their legs, so that the farrier can attend to them easily.
Washing/Hosing – All horses will be hosed, scraped, then toweled after being worked and shampooed regularly.
Tying up – We teach all of our horses to stand tied up in a stable.

Working under saddle – Your horse will be worked under saddle. Horses will be ridden in a round pen, around the property and on our 1000m racetrack in an exercise saddle/pad.
Working in company/upsides – We work all of our horses’ upsides each other. Horses will also do a half pace for 400 meters on their last week, to ensure horses are relaxed at speed and prepared for the transition into training.

Barrier Education – All yearlings are educated in the barriers
Rugs – We ensure your horse is comfortable being rugged – We provide all breakers with suitable rugs, taking the current weather conditions into account.
Horses are taken into our care for 5 weeks. In the unlikely event that Daniel is not happy with a horse’s progress; no additional cost will be added for the remainder of its education. We pride ourselves on never sending back an unsatisfactory horse. At DPR Breaking all horses will be attended to by a farrier at additional cost. Regular updates on the progress of each horse are available for all Clients.

DPR Breaking is making great use of the facilities at the ex-Darley property ‘Coolamon Park’ – just 5 minutes off the M4. All pre-trainers are worked on our 1000m all weather surface track. We also have a ten horse walker and indoor sand roll. You can be sure that your horse is being treated with the utmost professionalism and care with DPR Breaking, and we are happy to provide email updates on your horses’ progress with us.


“I managed the Breaking and Pretraining Division of Patinack Farm for 3 years.
Daniel Robinson was our main breaker, in whom I had the most confidence. Dan is a gifted horseman, and because of this was allocated our most expensive and promising yearlings. Not only breaking them in, he handled them over several preparations, through to the Pretraining stage. This included barrier education, pacework and right up to the advance stages. For example – One of the very expensive yearling that was broken in and educated by Dan was “All Too Hard” taking him through in perfect condition” – Vic Thompson