Some common questions people have regarding our services include:

Where are you located?

We are located at Coolamon Park, 211 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills NSW 2758

 What type of methods do you use?

Every horse is given the attention it needs and that time is always a positive experience. We use non-violent methods only ans we do not use ropes, hobbles, twitches, head ties or artificial aids of any kind when working with any of our horses. We aim to make breaking-in/starting a stress free process for the horse so they start their working life with a good experience.

What is the best age to get my horse broken in?

This can depend on the breed and maturity/development level of your horse. For most horses between 2 and 3 years old is a good age. Earlier maturing horses like thoroughbreds can start younger and sometimes later maturing warmbloods can be left to mature until 3 or 3 and a half. It is often better for the horse (and rider) to get the horse started early and then turn it out, rather than waiting longer and then breaking it in.

Should I do any work/handling before I send my horse to you?

We are prepared for Horses at all stages of handle; our methods prefer horses to not have any lunging or mouthing before they arrive, if you can lead your horse that is great. If you have time some grooming is a good idea. However the methods we use work very well on completely unhandled horses, we teach them to trust and respect us right from the very first session.

What other preparation should my horse have before being sent to you?

The welfare of your horse is our priority, and so we ask that your Horse be vaccinated, well and sound to your knowledge. Ideally the horse will have seen a dentist and had his/her feet trimmed, however we understand with young horses this is not always possible. We can arrange for these services during their stay at an additional charge.

How often will my horse be worked?

Horses are worked 6 days per week. In some cases very apprehensive horses are given 2 shorter sessions daily, which is more beneficial to their progress.

What happens next, if I want to continue my horses training?

Some people choose to leave their horse longer for further training, whether it is Pre Training their Racehorses or teaching their competition Horses more intricate skills. Every rider/owner is different and we are happy to fit in with you and your horse’s needs.