Re Education

Many people form strong attachments with their Horses, and find it difficult to admit or accept that the horse isn’t performing or behaving as well as it could. Don’t settle for a poorly behaved horse, get the best out of your relationship and fix the issues you might be experiencing. DPR provides schooling & re education for all types of horses. You may simply want to further your Horse’s education, or they may require correctional schooling & education. Common behavioural issues include: Reluctance in float loading, rearing, bucking, and nervous/apprehensive behaviour.

We also provide education for issues involved in Racehorse training such as Barriers, poor head carriage, and bolting.

The professionals at Coolamon Park work closely with horses that have developed behavioural concerns. Any violent or aggressive enforcement is not tolerated. Lasting, long term methods are demonstrated and pursued in a stress-free and calm environment for each horse. Daniel’s team focus on understanding why a horse’s behaviour has become dangerous or unpleasant and use tried and tested methods to correct their behaviour.

If you would like to discuss any issues or problems you are experiencing, or to make a booking – please contact us